Thursday, December 15, 2011

Day 4

It seems that time has gotten the better of me. Christmas is moving closer and closer and I feel I have not gotten anything accomplished, of course that isn't quite true but I feel pressured.  So, it has been hard to find time to use all the fabulous textures that Kim has been giving us this week. I love them all and know that when the dead of winter hits and all the holiday hustle bustle is over I will find many uses for them.

This shot was taken on my last trip home for mom's 94th birthday. I should not admit this but it was taken on the I-84 out the window at 65 mph with my iPhone. I took photos all along the way. The trees were gloriously golden and the dusting of snow on the hills was so pretty. I don't like to travel the 250 miles by myself in the winter but had no choice on this trip. There was snow at the farm but was gone and replaced by 50 mile an hr. winds on my way home several days later.

I used today's texture "Edward" on this and had edited it earlier with one of the "Magic Scratches" textures.
Thank you Kim for giving us such wonderful gifts.

12 Days of Texture


  1. Hi Pat. Same feeling here, Christmas just sneaked up on me! ;) What a beautiful scenery and edit. Well done!

  2. I really love this, Pat. You inspire me to not worry about vehicles in landscape pictures! I think the cars really add something to the scene. And the days are really flying by towards Christmas -- maybe we're all spending too much time playing with Kim's textures!? ;-)

  3. How eventful, traveling 250 miles by yourself. I can't conceive of such a distance. We would fall of the edge of Britain, unless we went North :-)
    The iphone, the speed and the texture have created a sort of Primitive Art image, which is very refreshing.

  4. Wow! (I wonder if I've said that on earlier posts?) This is a totally amazing edit of this photo! Beautiful.

  5. This is just lovely no matter how fast you were going! Hope we all get a moment to relax before Christmas is over! Blessings from Texas

  6. Hi, wandering around in your fabulous posts and have a wonderful eye for interesting photos....and your textures are sublime.......Kim's textures are fabulous, but it takes an eye to know how to use them most effectively. You have done a stellar job. And I love the pinkish, magenta paper and font!!! So delicious to the eye.
    You have stopped by my blog before, thank you for your comments. smiles: sharon