Monday, September 12, 2011

"Do Art"

I am trying to stay ahead of the game but doesn't seem to be working. Today was one of those days when there are multiple things to do. It seems fitting that that is the theme this week for Texture Tuedsay, well actually we had a choice, either use the verb "do" in your photo or you could instead use any photo and add a specific texture. I had been thinking about this all week and had made up my mind that my use of do was going to be "Do Art".  Granted there are many many ways to do art, my art of choice is photography but I also get the acrylics out and put paint on a canvas once in awhile. The thing with painting is I LOVE to start them, then I invariably get stuck and can't quite get the inspiration to finish. That is where I am on the one sitting on my easel now, but I think I have finally (after 8 mo. or so) found a solution to being stuck on this one. I hope so, it is for my good friend and I promised it for her birthday this yr. Hmmm, maybe Christmas??

I also want to do every thing I see related to arts and crafts. My goodness, since I have started following Kim Klassen and doing texture Tuesdays I have found so many amazing and wonderful artists of every kind. Humbles me, I really am in awe of these women. It makes me wonder how you find the time to do all the things you do. I seem to never have enough time to get all the things in that I want to do in a day. I make my list and check it off but at the end of the day I seem to have added more and more to it!!! I have projects that I want to do but then the house needs cleaned or the yard needs attention. I think I am not a good manager of time. Could be I'm on the computer too much................ya think................. LOL. But that is how I have met all you, so it can't be all bad huh?

My photo is very simply done this time.

Posterize at 51%
Kim's "Just Stitched" at 100%

and that's it. Check out all the amazing work at the Cafe` this week.