Monday, September 19, 2011

Around Town.

A few weeks ago we spent a wonderful Sunday afternoon exploring not only around town but taking in the "Art in The Park" art show downtown. I am always impressed by the many different forms art takes and the ideas people come up with that are so interesting and different. I have found that by participating in Texture Tuesday too, so many talented and creative people. Just mind boggling.
After we spent several hrs. at the art show, we decided to visit one of our favorite streets in Portland, Alberta St. At one time this street was rundown and not a place that you would choose to go for any reason. But the last several yrs. have seen a boom in revitalizing these kinds of areas in the core areas of the city. Along with Alberta there is Mississippi Ave, Belmont St. and several others that have developed into meccas for artist of all kind, lots of neat restaurants and food carts. There are areas set aside for the food carts and they are nestled in one area together. Quite fun to explore.
We parked the car to begin our treasure hunt at the ReStore, a place that recycles all the parts of a house or building that can be reused, instead of having it go to the landfill. This old tree with the tire swing was in the empty lot by where we parked, In my mind I could see this as a perfect subject for Texture Tuesday. I think it proved me right. So after a few photos off to explore we went ........................
I have an affinity for old windows and doors and I was looking for a particular kind of window frame and a small cabinet door to make into a chalk board. Well, I didn't find the window but I did find the little cupboard. It is now turned into a shabby chic chalk board, if there is such a thing. I have plans for it to be used in photos of course.  It was a really warm day and we had started out early to avoid the heat, here we were in the middle of the day and the sun is beating down but we walked on to explore the rest of the street. My good friend Jacqui was with us and she had never been to Alberta so we had to give her a tour and check out some of the little quirky shops. One other place I wanted to visit was the Pistils Garden shop. They have some neat and different plants. I have been wanting a Palm tree for my yard and priced the taller ones but they were a bit out of my range for right now. Low and behold,they had a small one that would work perfectly and grow into the space. I grabbed it up and brought it home to it's new garden. A very enjoyable and lovely day.
I processed this with one of Kim's new textures Ugglove. I have to tell you I'm LOVIN IT. Check out all the others at the Cafe` this week.

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