Sunday, June 19, 2011

Maui Day 4, OPPS

Ok, so one of the things that they told us at the car rental place was, "If you get the key wet, it will cost you $250.00". Yesterday we had decided to go to Black Rock beach in Kaanapali to snorkel, we had heard it was great. In the car we asked ourselves, what the heck do we do with the keys while we are in the water? Not wanting to leave them in the bag on the beach. I said we would just have to go in one at a time. With that Harry put them in his swimsuit pocket. Can you see where I am going with this?
                                         Cheeseburgers In Paradise
                                                          Beautiful Hanging white flowers, don't know what they are.
                                              Lahina, Maui HI. Below, sunset from the condo
I had a bit of trouble getting my mask adjusted, and since Harry was anxious to get in the water I told him just go I'll figure it out. Well, as I am sitting there a horrid thought came to mind where the hell did he put the keys? I tore the bag apart hoping against hope they were in there.............................NOT. They are still in his pocket!!!! He is swimming in the water of course and I tear down the beach hoping I can get him before he swims off and I can't yell at him, luckily he is headed back in cuz he forgot his flippers. I tried to keep my voice calm as I yelled "Where the HELL are the keys? You guessed it!!!! Needless to say we panicked, how do we get in the car if the remote doesn't work? No door locks on the car on the outside.  He told me to wait and he would go back to the car, so I waited and waited and waited, finally decided I better go see what happened or where the heck he was. Luckily, the remote worked once so the car was unlocked but he couldn't chance locking it to come get me so good thing I got upset waiting and went back. Needless to say our day was pretty much shot! All we could think about was that $250. we'd be out. Desperate, we tried to think what to do, go to the airport and confess pay the piper, try drying it out and hope for the best? We decided to try an new battery first since it is a common type and we found one at Longs. There must be a God in heaven cuz the darn remote is working fine now. Don't know if the car rental has a way of telling but if so I guess we fess up and pay. Tried to salvage the rest of the day by sitting by the pool and taking a swim in the beach by the condo. Needless to say no photos from yesterday. I am posting some from a few days ago.