Thursday, April 16, 2015

Liberate Your Art

This was the first year that I have participated in LYA, what a fun experience it has been. From trying to choose the photos for the postcards, printing them, looking up quotes that I wanted to add to decorating my envelope, a wonderful experience it has been. I look forward to doing it again next yr.

THANK YOU KAT for bringing this to us, it is truly inspiring. Looking thru some of the blogs and websites I am so amazed at all the talent out there. I am very pleased to have made contact with a few from the swap and look forward to learning more about them and their art.

Above is a collage of the photos I used, all but one were taken with my iPhone and edited on the phone or tablet. The Santa Fe bench was taken with my Canon 7D this fall in Santa Fe NM.

These are all of the lovely postcards I received. The beautiful lady in red is from April Rocco in Cocoa, FL. Love the artwork.

The Zebra are a photo by Charlotte Prado in Annapolis MD. Great shot Charlotte.

The beautiful garden shot with the wonderful quote "Leave Room in the garden for the fairies to dance" is from. Snap.

I love the birds form Jewels. She made this art for another project called "Whats Your View" Love it.

The frosty weed is from Kate Lehman, I love old weeds Kate and especially when they are covered in frost.

Finally the card from Kat arrived marking the end of the swap, although I will be swapping with Elena soon. We each had gotten cards from the same people and our cards had gone to the same person in one instance.

Connections, that's what it is about. I found as I read comments and posts on the swap that so many recipients go cards that held meaning for them. It is as if Kat had a connection to us in some way and knew where the card needed to go. Here's to next year, thank you all for making this a wonderful adventure.