Saturday, June 25, 2011

Maui Days 8,9,10 Catching up.

                                          Blooms on a gorgeous tropical tree
Petroglyph cinder cone
Blow Hole

Lunar landscape at the blow hole

North Maui Coast
Snorkling beach

Weird Lava Rock
Wow, it is easy to get behind, the last few days have been so busy that we have had dinner and dragged our selves to bed exhausted. I thought this was a v-a-c-a-t-i-o-n? That is the problem with going somewhere with so much to see that you can't see at home, you just can't sit by the pool or the beach and do nothing. Thursday we had seen in the guide book, a place not too far, that you could hike in and see ancient petroglyphs, it was a short hike and it was on the way to the other area we were headed so we took the time to do it. By this time of day, all of 10am, it was well into the 80's temperature wise, so we grabbed water and camera gear and headed up the road which was the trail. Thank goodness it was a trail with no incline or I am sure I would of died of heat stroke. Very little breeze, dusty dry and very hot. 1/4 mile never seemed so far. At the end of the trail we came to the petroglyph wall and were glad to find a picnic table in the shade to sit. Sad to say that over the years vandals have defaced the stone, so it is difficult to tell what was real and what wasn't. So much history here but not a lot of information at the site. So back we go after getting some photos. A slight breeze kept us a little cooler on the hike back. At the little store, we enjoyed our first Shave Ice, an Hawiaan version of a snow cone. So refreshing and cold.
Our next destination was up to the North coast area of Maui, the road is paved only so far and then you hit a dirt road that you can't take rentals on, too windy and narrow. We were stopping at a spot before the end of the road anyway. This site is called the Blow Hole. It is a hole in the lava where the surf comes spewing thru with the surge of the waves. It is a hike down the hill thru lava rock, not too difficult, if you are a billy goat!! I persisted even when my knee protested. It was worth it, talk about an area that looks like the moon. Really strange lava formations and the blow hole did not disappoint. The hike back up..............not so easy, pretty steep and picking your way thru the lava rock is tricky, not to mention it is HOT. We did find a fantastic looking snorkel beach on the way up there so that was to be our trip for the next day. We came home and told the kids about it and decided to get an early start the next morning. Parking was limited where the beach was and we wanted to get a spot. Perfect for snorkeling, nice and calm but I discovered that snorkel is not for me. Kept getting a mouth full of salt water, so I sat on the beach and tanned. After everyone had enough snorkeling we headed to Kaanapali to let the kids,plus me, play in the surf again. Needless to say we all came home sunburned but happy. Off to a very nice dinner in Kaanapali at the Whaler village, then to Lahina for ice cream and to walk off dinner. Back home exhausted after a VERY full day. So today, day 10 was supposed to be a resting day except for the swap meet. Harry and I headed there to search for fresh veggies and to see if there were any bargains on souvenirs to take home. Veggies are cheap, souvenirs are CHEAP, meaning of course crap!! Harry did find some very nice, not cheap necklaces for his daughters. BBQ tonight and Carl will be making some mean margaritas soon.