Monday, August 22, 2011

It is Texture Tuesday once again, boy the week goes by fast. This week the theme is "Back To School" and we had to use two of Kim's textures on the photo. I volunteered to do Senior photos for my grandson Tyler and he asked if I could help his friend Austin out and do some for him. Of course, I was happy to do this plus I figured if Tyler had a friend along he might be more comfortable. My youngest grandson Brandon was my equipment and set up man, he handled getting the stuff out of the car and keeping track of props and handling the diffuser and reflectors. What started out to be the perfect day for shooting, overcast and not sunny, turned into a brighter than bright sunny day. It was not the best circumstances for trying to shoot portrait work. Most of the shots will need to be redone but we had a great time and I got some good experience at posing them for the photos. The photo of Tyler is one that is way too bright but I wanted to use it, poor guy is trying so hard not to squint but the sun was so bright that it was impossible. I used two of Kim's magic textures, Feb. Magic, I believe and Magic Scratches. I am taking the boys out again this week, in the evening, this time to do some of the shots over and I have ideas for some other locations. They came home after the shoot and were on the computer looking up ways to pose for Senior photos, I had to laugh at that. I expected them both to be way too uncomfortable to relax but they did a great job.
It will be fun to see all the ways everyone has interpreted Back to School. Check out the web site and see for yourself.