Monday, October 31, 2011

10/31/2011 Seasons Beauty

10/31/2011Seasons Beauty by Pat Mark

I have been loving all the Fall color this yr. We have been on several outings to capture the color. I belong to a group called Meetup, our group is Women Learning Photography Together. It is really nice to have a group of women who are enthusiastic about going out and improving their skill and helping one another. We had an outing to the Portland OR Japanese Gardens. It is always so beautiful but this yr it seems the color is especially vibrant.  Hmmm, you are saying to yourself, this doesn't look vibrant at all it looks very pastel. Well, yes it does, but only because I wanted a very soft and romantic look for this one. I love the bold and bright colors of the leaves but there was something about Kim's texture "And Then Some" that was to be used this week, that just lended itself to softness. If I had mastered the technique of the mouse over I could show you the original but since I haven't you will have to trust me that this had bold color before I added the texture. I don't have the formula but I think I used it twice and masked the leaves to bring out some of the color. More Fall posts to come or check out my facebook page for two albums of beautiful color from the Pacific Northwest. Happy Texture Tuesday, check out all of our post using the textures so lovingly created and shared with us by Kim Klassen. 

Texture Tuesday