Monday, September 26, 2011


This weeks challenge for Texture Tuesday is "LOVE". Ahhh, that is an easy one, there are so many things in this world to love, but seeing two young people in love and newly married is special. This is my niece Shelby and her husband Dillon. They were married in April but waited to have a reception in August at home with family and friends. Dillon is in the Army and was stationed in El Paso TX so they waited for a break in basic training to plan and come home on leave for the reception.
I told them that as a gift I would do photos for them for that day. Harry, my boyfriend, and Jacqui my good friend came with me to help out. We did lots of candid shots through out the day, since it was a very hot and sunny day, we waited till the evening light to get them back in their wedding finery for more formal photos of them and family members. I think they were pleased with the outcome and have lots of fun memories of the day. I know we all had fun doing this for them. God bless you both and prayers for Dillon who is now on active duty in the war zone.
The kiss was the last photo of the day. I processed it with three of Kim Klassen's textures, thank you Kim for your generosity.
Love at multiply @ 100%
Dreams at Divide @63%
Scripted Edges at Screen@53%

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