Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Maui Day 6, Snorkeling

A perfect paradise day dawned today, so far that is how they have all been. Glorious!! First day of summer, had we been home I am sure we would of been wondering if summer was ever coming, but here we have been enjoying it every day. Heather and the kids arrived on time on Monday, we got them settled in and acquainted with the condo then it was off to eat. Two growing boys are ALWAYS hungry. We took them to an open air place we had found and liked called Lulu's. Spent some time in the water and exploring then of course it was time to eat again. In Kona, our last trip to Hawaii we all loved Bubba Gumps so we headed there for dinner, not the one in Kona but the one in Lahina. Filled ourselves with shrimp, then stopped at the ice cream shop and got ice cream. Not, me I had too much dinner.
The next day we decided to attempt snorkeling again at Black Rock beach, the spot of the key incident!! Everything went well, we kept the keys in a bag and one person stayed at the beach with the stuff, no one lost keys. LOL. The water is gorgeous, turquoise blue and so clear it is unbelievable. I went in the water but the surge is pretty strong and it is hard to stand when the water rushes back out and not being a great swimmer I decided I would wait for a calmer place to snorkel but everyone else saw beautiful fish, Tyler saw a sea turtle swim right by him.
Tyler and Brandon played in the surf and were having a great time letting the waves wash them in and out. I tried but my knee took a beating and I opted to just stay on my feet as best I could. Brandon said to me, as he is laughing with joy, "Grams, this is the best time I have ever had in my life." Oh, be still my heart, what great words for a grammy to hear. Love you all so much, and am so happy you are here to share this with us. Not sure what is on tap for today. Mornings start a bit slowly, Maui time ya know, no rush.
                                            Kid first wade in the ocean by the condo.
                                          Tyler at Kaanapali, Black Rock Beach snorkeling spot.
                                     The gorgeous turquoise water at Kaanapali
                                                   Tyler at Tiki Lounge
                                                   Brandon at Tiki Lounge
                                         Heather, Harry and I
                                              Margaritas at the Tiki Lounge
                                                     Parrots Beak flower.

After all the exercise in the water of course it is time to eat again, we came back and got cleaned up and headed into Keihi to the Tiki Lounge for pizza, well the kids and Heather had pizza, I opted for grilled shrimp and Harry had some amazing fish tacos. Then off to the grocery store to fill the cupboards and try not to have to take out a loan. Food is very expensive. Spent what was left of the evening relaxing with a glass of wine and tv. Kids wanted to swim, so they all went to the pool and took a walk before bedtime. Carl will be here tomorrow, I am sure they are all anxious for daddy to get here.
I have only taken photos with the iPhone, so these are snapshots of the first two days the kids are here.