Thursday, February 28, 2013

Through Light Photography Workshop Manzanita OR

The following posts are about the weekend workshop. Please enjoy.

Metaphors and Shapes, Manzanita

After we shared our morning photos we had classroom time. This time was spent on going over some of the basics of operating the camera, as our group consisted of women at different levels in their photography. These lessons were good for all of us though because it never hurts to refresh the hows and whys of  ISO, shutter speed and aperture. These numbers are often confusing and unless they become second nature we struggle with them. Then we moved on to what do we see when we shoot a scene, what do we want the viewer to see and feel. Is the photo one that you wander into and look around, is it one that gives you a place to sit and be still and contemplate or dream. Interesting ways to think when you are shooting. We went over composition, lighting, rule of thirds, leading lines. All the things that make a photo.

Next came our assignment. Go out and shoot 10 photos each of SHAPES...........ok, that should be easy, there is shape every where, and METAPHORS...............huh??  Oh, dear, that sounds hard, I am not even sure I know what that means. So Beth explained and gave examples.......OH, I get it. Out we go, I think we had just under 2 hrs. to do this assignment then get back for lunch and process images to share before the afternoon class and assignment.

My friend Jacqui and I headed down the street to see if we could find things along the way. Shapes were easy but I also found that Metaphors can be in a lot of things too, it is just how you interpret them.  I also discovered that the subjects I shoot translate into metaphors, that is the way I see them. Old cars, old barns, doors, windows when I see these things what I am seeing are things that are representative of things discarded or abandoned, so that is what they are saying to me

 We came back, had a beautiful lunch set out for us and got busy processing images to share. We did two from each category. Very interesting to see the interpretations from the other women. We all may see the same thing but we all see it differently. All in all a very insightful lesson.

Reaching Out....To me this represented our weekend. Women reaching out to each other and learning .

Reflection.....Looking in looking out.


"S" Curve