Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What's The Story

This week over at Texture Tuesday the prompt for the week was the photo had to have a story. My friend Jacqui and I have driven by this old place several times on our way to one of our favorite wineries and each time we say "Oh, we have to stop and shoot this house before it falls down". So the other day we were headed out that way to go to an antique mall to shoot photos for our camera club monthly theme of Vintage. It was one of the days this week with no rain, just fog. When we were done with the antique store we headed out the road to where the old house set. As luck would have it, there was a drive way up to the house and NO no trespassing signs. I do not know how this old place is standing. From the front you can see that it is leaning but there had been a fire and most of the back of the house is just hanging. It won't be there much longer so I am glad that we made a effort to get some shots of it. We both wondered just what the story of this old house was, who lived there, how long what happened to them. At one time it must of been a very nice place. It isn't giving up it's story, the ghosts were silent on this day.

I used #7 from Ben's collection and 10-10-10. masking some off on each layer.

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