Thursday, June 23, 2011

Maui Day 7, Week One

How can it be a week already? The time flies by so fast when you are having so much fun in the sun. It has been a great week and I am not even going to think about the time slipping by. I am going to lose myself in denial and just dream that I will be here in paradise forever. Sigh.
We have had a great week, seen many amazing sights and plan on seeing more. Having the fresh tropical fruits is amazing too.
                                           Big Beach
                                             Surf at Big Beach
                                           One big wave
                                            Mokapu and Ulua beach
Carl arrives today, I know the kids will be happy to see him. Heather will be happy to turn the driving over to him. We have yet to drive the road to Hana, see sunrise on Haleakala, do the zip line and take a snorkel trip. Looks to be a busy week ahead. Yesterday we tried to find a snorkeling beach that was a bit calmer than Kaanapali. According to the guide book there was one just south of where we are staying, so we loaded all the gear in the two cars and headed out. The book said Big Beach was one of the best and what many describe as the perfect Hawaiian beach. Well, we get all the gear to the beach and see the surf, it must be 10'. We asked the lifeguard if this was Big Beach the snorkeling beach cuz we had heard it was great for snorkeling. He said did you see that on the internet or read it in a guide book? We said guide book, he happened to mention the one that we have been using. He said yeah, that one gets a lot of people in trouble. He said pretty much only locals were going in this water today, it was breaking right on the shore so the waves were very powerful. Harry posted a great shot with a surfer in the pic to show a bit of perspective. It is on his facebook page. I only had the iPhone for pic again, not taking the camera in the sand, but he has a new small waterproof camera to take in snorkeling. We did find a beach up closer to home that was pretty good, once again the surf is a little rough, I was able to get in the water but still too rough for me to feel comfy snorkeling. Waiting for Molikini for my snorkeling. Spent the day in the sun, all of us are sunburned from head to toe, but loving every minute of it. Had bbq hot dogs and fresh corn for dinner and relaxed in the warm Hawaiian breeze. Would say I missed you all, and I do but watching the OR weather I can say I don't miss that at all. Aloha. Off on a new adventure today, heading to the North end of the island to the end of the road, at the least as far as the rental co. will let us go.