Monday, August 29, 2011


Texture Tuesday is all about "Orange" this week. Originally I had a photo of an orange dahlia in mind, so the petals looked like flames. Well I bought one at the farmers market yesterday and this morning it looked like a sorry mess. Luckily I had also picked some Zinnia on Friday for flowers on the table for a dinner party. One of the ones that was still fresh was orange so it all worked out in the end.
I enjoyed playing with the storyboard that Kim gave us last week. I used several textures on this to get the look I was after "canvasback", "KK2" and "luminious". The tutorial for putting the colors in the swatches was very easy to follow. Fun project. I am sure we will see more than one storyboard used this week. Texture Tuesday keeps me creative, thank you Kim. Join us over at the Cafe`.

Weddings, Senior Pics and Camping.

Which brings me to camping. It has been a couple of years since we have been able to get out camping and this summer we made plans to go in mid August. It seemed summer had finally arrived and we were having sunny days and lucky for us the sunny weather held out and we had 4 beautiful day camping and hiking in the gorge. I have to admit I have not even edited the photos from that trip so this post will be continued later. I will say that Brandon, my youngest grandson, Jacqui, my good friend and Harry, my boyfriend and I had a wonderful time camping. More to come later with photos of the gorgeous waterfalls we saw on our hike and a few stories from camp. Although, it might be that what happens in camp stays in camp. LOL.

Weddings, Senior Pics, Camping

The next thing on the list was my promise to do Senior photos for my grandson Tyler. The post above this one explains the story but to summarize, he asked me to help out a friend too so one afternoon we all had time and set out to photograph.
The boys were troopers, and seemed to really get into the spirit, that made it easy for me. I had been afraid they might be a bit shy and not want to try poses but that was not the case, they even came up with a few of their own. It was not the best time of day for shooting and the sun was very bright so we will be going out again this week later in the afternoon to try again. I cannot believe that Tyler is going into his last year of high school. I am very proud of him, he is on the honor roll and works very hard at his studies. He is also an awesome football player and I am looking forward to seeing more of his games this year. As a senior he will get to play more.                                                                                    

Weddings, Senior Pics and Camping.

This has been a very busy month of August and it seems to have gone by way too fast. To start the month off I headed home to the farm for the wedding reception of my niece Shelby. As a gift to her and her new husband Dillon I told her I would cover doing the photos for the reception. I had help with this project, there were 3 of us and between all of us we came up with some pretty good photo memories of the day. Shelby and Dillon were married April 1st in El Paso TX, at least that is where they were supposed to get married. Dillon is in the Army stationed in El Paso. The day before the wedding Dillon was supposed to go get the marriage license but everyone was detained on the base for some reason and he didn't get it. Soooooo, the only place they could get the license and get married on the same day was several counties away. It took a drive of several hrs. and barely making it before 5, they found the Justice of the Peace and were married on the day they had chosen. Since Dillon didn't have a leave coming till August they planned the reception at home in Washington so all their friends and family could attend. It was a fun event and Harry, Jacqui and I had a good time doing the shooting for them. CONGRATULATION SHELBY AND DILLON, MANY HAPPY YEARS.