Sunday, June 26, 2011

Maui Day 11, Makena Beach

                                            Brandon at Makena Beach
                                          Heather soaking up some sun
Tyler at Makena Beach
                                                The shirt Harry will need if he keeps eating spam!!
                                            Big dark cloud today, just drifted apart as the day wore on.
                                            Sunset at Kaanapali, the night before.
Swap Meet
This was probably the clearest morning we have had, we could actually see the top of Haleakala. Most days it is covered with clouds. At the swap meet yesterday we met some fantastic photographers and some of the photos were of this great beach with sea turtles. Harry asked her where it was and how to get there. After looking it up on the internet he found information that suggested that further down the beach where she told us might be better. Well, this being the islands, nothing is named the same in any book you look at, including the internet. So after a bit of confusion and ending up at the Big Beach with the killer surf we went back and followed the original instructions and found a magnificent beach. Makena beach part was a long sandy beach with lots of snorkelers in the water. Not crowded at all and a bit of shade to get out of the sun part of the day. The snorkeling wasn't great at our end of the beach so I sat with the stuff and everyone else headed to the other end. That paid off with the sighting of one very large sea turtle. Harry got his wish and got to swim with the turtles. As the afternoon wore on, the surf became a bit more rough, much to the delight of the kids, Carl and Harry. I got rolled in it pretty bad and stayed out of it after that. The water was so warm and beautiful, it was just nice to sit and watch. Had lunch at the beach and just lounged most of the day. Back to the condo for margaritas, since we didn't make them last night. Great dinner last night, beef kabobs with fresh veggies and pineapple. YUM. Hot dogs tonight.  Decided it is way too expensive to eat out all the time. Even tho' groceries are spendy, still cheaper than the restaurants. The boys had spam,the national food of Hawaii, for breakfast along with their eggs. GROSS. As far as I am concerned it is not a food!! Hope I don't offend anyone with that. LOL