Monday, November 28, 2011


This week at Texture Tuesday at Kim Klassen's Cafe` we are to celebrate our gratitude since it is the week after Thanksgiving for us. When I stop to think of ALL the things in my life that I have to be grateful for, the list always starts with my family. Last week my mother celebrated her 94th birthday, we celebrated her special day with an early Thanksgiving feast with my brothers and families all there. I had spent several days with mom but wanted to be home on Thanksgiving. My daughter knew I would be tired from traveling from mom's that week. She invited us to have dinner with all of them. I really was worn out and not looking forward to taking on another whole dinner. I am so grateful for such a kind and caring daughter. It was a wonderful dinner and a very nice day spent with them all.

The photo I have used for Texture Tuesday is from an old 35mm slide taken by my mom. This is the farm where I grew up. Not sure which winter this was but by looking at the small trees in the lane maybe our second winter. I am so grateful for growing up here. Now mind you, that was not always the case, as a teenager I really didn't like it!! We lived 20 miles from town and all of us from the farms were the "country" kids. But I must tell you that as I have grown older this place has much more importance. This old lane holds so many memories. Getting off the school bus and rushing up to the house because we could smell the fresh baked bread mom had spent the day making, we knew there were probably be some yummy cinnamon rolls too. Meeting my girlfriend after all the chores were done. I'd always say "meet me in the lane". In the summer waiting anxiously for the bookmobile to get there so we could get more books to read. So many memories.

The lane is still there of course, but the old house is not. Mom and dad built a new house after I had left home, so I grew up in this one. Several yrs. ago my uncle died and my aunt decided to move near family on the farm. This old house was torn down and her manufactured home was put in it's spot. Even though I knew it was happening, the first time I drove up the lane and the house was gone and all that was there was an empty space I had a flood of emotion. I tear up even now thinking about it. It was such an empty space in my heart. I am grateful that we have all been there for my aunt and that she is close to us.

My daughter spent many happy hours at her grandma and grandpa's playing with her cousins, I am grateful that she had that opportunity and it fills my heart with joy when I hear her talk about the wonderful times she had there.

I used two different magic scratched textures on this and Kim's latest one "Poetic" Check out ALL the amazing work over at The Cafe`. So many talented people and such a wonderful group, I am also so very very grateful to Kim for all of her generous giving. She is a wonderful teacher and just one of the sweetest women I have met. (well, not exactly met, as face to face) but in the cyber world we are all so connected that all the friends I know through Texture Tuesday I feel I have "met".

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