Monday, December 12, 2011

12 Days of Christmas at The Cafe`


This is the start of Kim's 12 days of Christmas. She so generously is giving away a texture a day for us to use. How wonderful is that!! I used her texture for today called "Lilly" for this edit. This is an old christening gown that belongs to my sister in law, she let me bring it home so that I could photograph it. I love the little gown and the pretty pink bow on the hanger. I went in search of a teddy bear to use in the photos but found a cute white bunny instead, I think he works pretty well with the dress and the old chair. I used two layers of Lilly one on soft light and the other on multiply, then I added scratched magic in screen mode, I love how the scratched magic gives the work an old print look. Hope everyone is having the start of a wonderful week. Check out The Cafe` for more uses of the new texture called "Lilly". Thanks Kim.    

12 Days of Christmas.