Monday, January 23, 2012

6 Words

I cannot believe how fast time gets away from us. Here it is almost the end of January and I have not done a blog post. I have been using Flickr for Texture Tuesday's entries but need to get back to my writing here.This year I am following Kim Klassen's Beyond Layers class. I am really looking forward to this bringing me to a  new level creatively, as well as personally. This week, our 2nd, the assignment was to use just 6 words as a memoir for our life. I wrote down 6 words that describe a part of my life and I am sure that for each phase of my life there are 6 more words. I will work on that part too. For now these are the 6 that came to mind immediately


I have written my life story, but have not edited it to the point that I can put it on the blog. I will be working on that one too. This class is making me, and I am sure most of us, really think about how we evolved as artists as well as the people that we are. I really needed this class, I have been searching for so long to find direction.

The photo I used today was one I took last night with my iPhone for my Instragram photo stream. I am loving instagram. By using the iPhone I feel that I can be less strict on myself, as far as taking the "perfect photo". I just do it!! The link to my photos is below.

Kim Klassen Beyond Layers


  1. I think your story is a universal one Pat.

  2. Thank you for sharing this much today. It's amazing to read about so many people, and how they all share so much of the same stuff.

  3. Looking forward to our next 51 weeks together. Your words are like so many others. I'ts something how we all have so much in common without knowing each other. Angie P.s Now following~

  4. I so enjoy this 6 word exercise for myself...but am REALLY enjoying seeing everyone else's words. Instragram..I really need to look into this :)


  5. I'm glad you're blogging again too. I decided not to take kim's class this time, but after seeing/reading what you're up to, I'm sorry i'm not participating.

  6. I so know what you mean about the iPhone, well its camera, being liberating! I've got the instagram app. But have not gotten in to it too much. I'm more of a hipsta-addict (hipstamatic app). Yes...liberation from being the "perfect photographer."