Monday, August 29, 2011

Weddings, Senior Pics, Camping

The next thing on the list was my promise to do Senior photos for my grandson Tyler. The post above this one explains the story but to summarize, he asked me to help out a friend too so one afternoon we all had time and set out to photograph.
The boys were troopers, and seemed to really get into the spirit, that made it easy for me. I had been afraid they might be a bit shy and not want to try poses but that was not the case, they even came up with a few of their own. It was not the best time of day for shooting and the sun was very bright so we will be going out again this week later in the afternoon to try again. I cannot believe that Tyler is going into his last year of high school. I am very proud of him, he is on the honor roll and works very hard at his studies. He is also an awesome football player and I am looking forward to seeing more of his games this year. As a senior he will get to play more.                                                                                    

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