Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pink Sunrise, Haleakala volcano

One of the things we did while in Maui, HI was to get up very early and drive up to the top of the volcano to see the sunrise. I edited this one to add more pink for Kim Klassen's texture tuesday. Beautiful sight to experience.


  1. Hi Pat, I linked over from your flickr account {texture tuesday party}. How awesome to get to visit this magnificent place! A photographer's dream, for sure! I noticed you left a question on Kim's blog on how to link your blog to the party.

    I'll walk you through it. Click on the title of your blog post. Copy the url http://patmarkphotography.blogspot.com/2011/07/pink-sunrise-haleakala-volcano.html that appears at the top of your screen.

    Then go to Kim's link and paste that url you copied into the url slot.

    It will then pull up all images that are associated with that post and lets you choose which one to showcase in the link party.

    Hope this helps! Xo

  2. this is beautiful~!!~ how lucky for you to get to visit a site like this.
    thank you for sharing it~!


  3. Hi Pat, I don't think you've signed up for artsee bloggers yet - a directory of the creatively inclined. We have a photography category. artseebloggers.com Hope to see you there!