Tuesday, July 26, 2011

City Cousin and Country Cousin.

 Cameron and Brandon, on the old truck
 Posing on the haystack
 Up the tree, now how do I get down Grams?
 Almost made it up on the branch.
 Yay, made it up.
Uncle Gary's boat.
Nudie Beach
My grandson Brandon and I went to visit Great-grandma at the family farm this last week. He and I try to spend time together in the summer since mom and dad are at work and big brother Tyler is busy with football. We took off on a Thurs. and headed to the farm for the next 5 days. When we stopped for a few groceries I asked Brandon what he wanted for dinner and he said tacos. I swear he is going to turn into one, but anyway, I said ok, do you want taco shell tacos or the great family fired tacos, he opted for fried. Aunt Lori and Uncle Gary were wonderful and said sure we can have a big taco feed. So Friday night that is what we did. YUMM-O, as Rachael Ray would say!!! During the day Cameron brought over the 4 wheelers for them to ride around on, Brandon got his first lesson in driving by an 8 yr. old. I always like to do exploring around the farm and see if there are any treasures that I might have missed in all these yrs.and we took time to do some portrait work with Cam and Brandon. I did find some great pieces of the old house that I will have to rescue and some really good photos of the boys. Saturday we planned a day on the river. Nudie Beach as it is called is the favorite hang out for the boating gang on the weekends. There is actually no nudity on the beach, it was named that back in the 70's but not exactly sure why. The Columbia river is running full and it is cold but we all enjoyed the boat and jet ski's. Lots of sun and food and friends, not to mention all the food and drink. A wonderful way to spend a hot summer day. Sunday was a day to stay with mom at home since we had been gone all day Saturday and she isn't able to join us in the boat. The boys spent the day playing at Cameron's, with water balloons and lots of other games. Had a nice bbq over at Gary and Lori's that evening with  mom and Aunt Elma. More good food and the weather was warm and perfect. Had to head back home on Monday but stayed till mid afternoon since Cameron comes over to Grandma's when dad and mom are at work. All in all a great time. Grandma was happy to see Brandon and wants him to come back to the farm and visit. Great time.

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