Friday, June 17, 2011

Maui Day 2

                                                       Drinks at the Barefoot Bar
                                             One of the large koi in the pond at a small shopping mall in Keihi
                                                  Banyon tree in Lahaini planted in 1864
                                                   Cheeseburgers in Paradise......yummy
                                                            Harry's new friends from Dallas TX, they all had the same hat from the ABC store.
Woke up early because of the time difference so it has seemed like a very long day. Today was a day to explore and find some of the beaches that we want to snorkel at. Headed back into Keihi to do a bit more shopping, looking for snorkel gear and a few other things we needed. Took photos of the BIG Koi that were in the pool at the little mall where we had dinner yesterday.  Headed to Lahaina to see old town and have lunch at Cheeseburgers in Paradise and see the HUGE banyan tree in the park, amazing, it is so big. Walked from one end of town to the other to walk off the hamburger from lunch!! Still feel bloated and full. UGG. Headed to Kaanapali to see if I could find the beach side barefoot bar that I remembered from a trip to Maui yrs. ago. After not too much walking thru the Whalers Village Mall we found the Hula Grill where the bar was. So nice to sit by the beach with my toes in the sand. There is a great snorleling beach not far from there that we are hoping to go back to tomorrow. We walked on the beach but the wind was blowing so hard that the sand was blasting across the beach and actually hurt when it hit us. Little bit of rain but not enough to actually call it rain, not like home. All in all a very busy day and both of us are feeling exhausted, I think more from the heat and humidity than from activity. It is 11:50 pm at home and only 8:50 here, it is going to take a few days to get used to that. But I think I can manage to do that. Anxiously waiting for Heather and family to arrive next week.


  1. Wonder why it's so windy? Wasn't like that when I was there in October. More breezy than windy.